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One of the major concerns of parents when they are separated is how does divorce affect children? The feeling of being “failing” to that life project in which they decided to start a family leaving their children unprotected, anguish and paralyze them, says an aggressive divorce attorney in Virginia.

For this reason, it is highly important to know that divorce in itself does not have to cause harm children for the family concept is strong enough to withstand important changes in its structure and continue to be useful to provide the children: attachment, security and love, which is what they need!

According to an aggressive divorce attorney in Virginia, when a couple with children decide to separate, they begin a new journey towards their family restructuring: the couple dissolves, they break their bond as such, but they continue to be the father and mother of their children forever. This implies that they are still family and the links between parents and minors must be preserved, regardless of how the divorce affects the children.

Also between both will be necessary communication, reaching agreements together, decision-making, and the different stages of these children. Therefore, a PARENTAL ALLIANCE is necessary that allows them to create equipment and a cooperative relationship between both to be able to continue supporting both physically as well as emotionally to children, says an aggressive divorce attorney in Virginia. This can be achieved even if father and mother live in different houses and make separate lives because what they have in common (the children) unites them forever.


One of the keys to how divorce affects children is to be aware that what does harm them is exposure to a high and maintained inter-parental conflict, that is, bad management of divorce:

  • The high level of conflict between the parents.
  • The child’s exposure to disputes.
  • Listen to disqualifications between them.

All these can be disastrous for their development as a human being, because as a child and their personality is being formed, alters an aggressive divorce attorney in Virginia. The child fundamentally needs their father and mother, and it is the child’s right to be with both, and above all it is the right of those children to have a good and clean image of both. For their good emotional development, it is essential that they have a good mental representation of their father and mother, so that they can love both of them in peace.


Yes, like all the attitudes that parents take before life, because we are their reference and their model of life. And therefore, it is our responsibility to promote a healthy divorce process, suggests an aggressive divorce attorney in Virginia. In light of the existing studies on divorce and children, from the theory of child development, and from my experience accompanying families in divorce situation I conclude that: a divorce process carried out responsibly and from love to children as the parents can provide the child with protection, a secure attachment and a stable and happy life.

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