attempted robbery in Virginia

After listening to two days, a man found guilty of stealing and stealing from a stolen financial firm by King Joey of Roosevelt.

On January 30, 2017, Benjamin David Chestnut, who was charged with robbery at BNC Bank in Virginia, near the Louise Gale Medical Center, was purchased by another bank and was closed.

Eight minutes before the prosecution examined Chaestan, all 10 defendants who were accused of having been defamed by the responsible prosecution, looked back. Arrests for bank robberies, shootings, shootings and three charges of abductions, sometimes in the maintenance of employees’ prizes.

The jury returned with an hour of imprisonment every hour (every twenty-eight). It consisted of 20 individuals for the financial institution, and for a maximum of 3 to 5 years each.

Chesteng will be officially posted on the 19th.

Thursday, Thursday, from the Thursday, the trial introduced to the Witnesses – law enforcement and bank employees – declared that the department was completely robbed after 10:15 am.

According to them, a person who has already been dragged with a pistol has been wearing headgear, face masks, spectacles, gloves and other adhesives. He went to a weekly customer and urgently asked for money.

The gunman was amazed to find other hidden activities, and his arms were turned back and carried between them and the gang.

The looting of the bank has turned to within and outside the space of less than 60 seconds. However, the police officers who did not find any person came to the scene and failed to try to amuse the suspect with the dog.

48 hours later, on February 1, 2017, the investigators and a SWA team followed a tip of a personal information provider at Chestnut’s house in Salt’s Montevu Road.

In 2003, they were primarily allowed to find a suspected chestnut Chestnut.

ChaTang advised to get out for about 40 minutes. He sooner or later emerged, he was armed with a pistol.

He acted four hours more than surrendered.

Although evidence has revealed that Chestnut had put a gun at his trial in January, that description is no longer described in the trial.

It was revealed in the case that a spy expert who revealed to Chester the police had become a drug smuggler who became $ 500 for his statistics. The investigators at the trial told court that they had stolen financial institutions and paid bonuses to Chestnut. But they were not now able to settle in foreign currencies.

In February 2017, Chestagged’s house captured $ 8,221 for the “sideways wallet, suitcase and brown headband” F-1 “. Chestnut subsequently claimed that the film “The Pulp Fiction” was released as a gift from the Belfast film.

In addition to the police, 9 mm in chestnut berry. A pistol, its “front” through its front, the word “word”, black, unmarried white and other fancy and finger products.

When faced with the case, garment factories were decisive in the case’s case, and in particular was a sweatshirt, which became a player, and became the hoodie that steals under his vagina, and it is the same letter “U” “tabernacle.”

In addition to charges paid by Chestnut’s house, Roanoke’s Assistant Chancellor Chad Simsons was targeted at more than 40 consecutive sequential serial numbers. A cash expositor told the court that the money used to make the cash notes in addition to the currency note was often in order. However, she was asked whether she received foreign currency received from her.

Simons argued that all of the necessary swords worked together as a mistake to Chestnut.

He said, “The man is ready to think that this case has been devoted to proper theft,” he said. “That’s until the police are knocking on his door.”

On the second day of the trial, defense lawyers, Dirk Pope’s arguments, and six yearly Cheatscripts of Witnesses witnessed the busy masons. Banking is not considered as he has been stored in his own home.

Pattet called himself two former prospective clients who had been indebted to the dollars for their work, and Chestnut testified that he had earned more than $ 100,000 in 2016.

“In financial terms, it has become my unique place to this day.” He told the court, he denied

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