Class 1 Misdemeanor VA Reckless Driving

Stay alert! Always pay attention to what happens on the road in front of you and around you. Do not get distracted, do not drive doing multi-tasking, and never be reckless while driving. Concentrating on driving and doing it safely is your paramount responsibility. According to Virginia Traffic Laws, the class 1 misdemeanor VA reckless driving has severe penalties carrying maximum punishments of $2500 fine, six (6) DMV points, driver’s license suspension for six months, and jail time for twelve months.

The case of class 1 misdemeanor VA reckless driving becomes more severe when it also involves auto accident. In cases of collision, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud recommends the following:

  • Take notes in detail. Record the visible characteristics of those involved, such as weight and approximate height of the driver and passengers of the other vehicle involved in the crash.
  • Record the characteristics of the other vehicle and the insurance. Details related to car make, model, color, number of doors of the other vehicle is of vital importance. Also, find out the other driver’s license number and the information regarding your auto insurance. If the other driver is also charged of class 1 misdemeanor VA reckless driving, it reinforces your case.
  • Take pictures. Make use of your cell phone camera or, failing that, always carry a camera inside the vehicle with you, in case you need it. Immediately take detailed pictures of the collision and the state in which the vehicles were left after they collided.
  • Call the authorities and your auto insurance company. Do not hesitate to call the police and your auto insurance, regardless of how slight or serious the accident has been, do it immediately. If the other driver tries to persuade you otherwise, that may be a clear sign that you might be the victim of a scam or a car accident.
  • Express your doubts about what happened, even if it is class 1 misdemeanor VA reckless driving. If you begin to suspect that you are being the victim of an accident, express your doubts in detail to your representative or personal insurance agent.
  • Visit a trusted doctor. During the accident, request medical assistance to 911. Do not trust the medical recommendations that could be made by others involved, of needing external medical assistance, trust in medical professionals of repute and who count on the professional with your full confidence.
  • Save and record everything. Do not eliminate the receipts or invoices that correspond to the medical service or vehicle repair. Keep and record in detail each document related to the accident.
  • Do not accept a monetary settlement. Remember, always stay alert and alert! You could be a victim more of a scam, and all the people involved in the accident and those who are around you at that precise moment could be part of this staging. Do not let yourself be carried away by fear and anxiety, do not accept the guilt of what happened, much less accept to fix the event by giving the others involved an amount of money that they could request in return. Call the police and let the authorities determine the guilt of the events that occurred and class 1 misdemeanor VA reckless driving.

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