Family Law Child Custody in Virginia

When a marriage is broken and has children, one of the best options to opt in the process of separation or divorce is that of joint custody, as it offers many benefits to both parents and also to the children as per family law child custody in Virginia.

The shared custody is, neither more nor less, than the possibility that the children are with mom and dad. Mum and dad are the ones who exercise legal custody of their minor children, under the same conditions and rights. By sharing the custody of the children, the parents can continue to enjoy and exercise as father and mother as they did before the separation, at 50%, which has innumerable positive aspects.

The first is that it is a system that favors the continuity of the family life of the children, reduces their school failure and mitigates the possible feeling of guilt that sometimes can cause separation from their parents, say experts of family law child custody in Virginia. With joint custody both parents share the custody of the children and the same rights.

Who does not want that, after the rupture, the children maintain the family stability that they had during the coexistence? Why a couple who until the moment of separation and during the lives of their children have shared tasks, care, interviewed with teachers, and visited to the pediatrician cannot continue to maintain that situation? It is logical that at that time joint custody arise naturally and is the most viable option, since parents also depend a lot on maintaining a balanced and tolerant posture so that conflicts of loyalties do not appear in minors.

But there are many more benefits in joint custody as per family law child custody in Virginia. This supposes a balanced distribution of the own obligations of the parents in relation to their children as something normal, consubstantial and natural, what favors the implantation in the children of the idea of ​​the equality of sexes.

After divorce, do not speak ill of the father or mother who is not present, nor allow others to do so. It is very common that in the middle of the problems, one of the parents speaks badly of the other; that, beyond hurting the former couple, affects the child, putting him/her in a very uncomfortable situation as the child is going through a difficult time to see how his/her family disintegrates. As per family law child custody in Virginia , when he/she would not have to be in the middle of an adult problem and was forced to choose one of the parents, the child would not find it healthy. It is also important that you prevent other people close to you from doing so, no matter how angry they are with the ex-partner.

In addition, certain negative feelings in children are avoided such as fear of abandonment, feeling of loyalty, feeling guilty, feeling of denial, feeling of impersonation, etc. Our experience based on family law child custody in Virginia shows that with shared custody, children have an attitude of greater acceptance towards the separation of parents and better understand the new situation, something that makes it more difficult the possible conscious or unconscious manipulation by parents towards children.

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