Reckless Driving in VA Ticket Cost

Ticket Cost of Reckless Driving in Virginia

People in Virginia rarely stop at an officer’s call, knowing that the ticket will be at their home and they will be charged with a criminal record. It is always recommended that an individual must stop when an officer asks you to. Speeding in Virginia will get you charged with reckless driving charge, which has misdemeanor class 1 charges according to the code of Virginia. You may not want to face the court, or you may not like being registered as a criminal in the criminal record. If your speed crosses 80 mph limit, then you will are about to receive a reckless driving charge. Officers in Virginia write reckless driving as “RD,” and many people in Virginia aren’t aware of this. Anyone who is driving in Virginia or not must educate themselves and should know the traffic rules and crimes. According to the code of Virginia, general reckless driving is speeding. Speeding in Virginia is a misdemeanor crime, and it will cost you $2,500 fine max or 12 months in jail at max, in the worst scenarios, it could be both at once for the convicted person. If you didn’t stop at officer’s call, you would receive the ticket at your place, welcoming the misdemeanor charges alongside $2,500 fine most of the times.

How to Respond to a Reckless Driving Ticket?

If you are charged with the reckless driving ticket in Virginia, then the first thing you are going to do is to make yourself aware of the crime you have committed. Check the law section on your ticket, and if it is speeding charge with a fine of the sum, then there is an option for you, either pay it or hire an attorney who can help you to dismiss it or lower it. If it is a reckless driving ticket, then you need to think and consult an attorney first about what step you should take first. Keeping in mind that if you are convicted of the reckless driving charged, your criminal record will be formed and the charge will remain there for the time to come. Once you get the ticket about reckless driving, you need to go to a traffic lawyer who takes care of these type of cases in their daily routine. An experienced lawyer will always be a benefit to you but make sure whoever you are going to hire, is affordable for you. It is not always necessary for an individual to hire a lawyer. If you can deal with the judge in court, then you can consult the lawyer and know about the case in law language. When you get to know about the case and the penalty you are going to face, you will be able to deal with it better than before. Hiring a lawyer will cost you money, but you will get charges dropped (not in every case).

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